• 60 Years Of Experiences since 1959
  • Sigma is a leading provider of Production Well Testing Services operates testing units across Egypt, Middle East and Africa. We are specialize in providing well-test services in challenging conditions such as high-flow rate, small locations and sour production. Sigma has fast & precise testing methods, as well as to perfect well testing operations and processes, and make them as effective and efficient as possible


  • Sigma understands the need for accurate and efficient production testing data.These data are used to determine commercial viability, as well as to plan potential completion and production facilities. That’s why our Production Well Testing team works with customers to design the correct solution for their unique situation.Our testing resources include sour and high-pressure systems, trailer-mounted systems for difficult location access, and secure on-line access to testing data. Our experience and commitment ensure to provide accurate information in a safe and efficient manner. Most well tests can be grouped as productivity testing or descriptive testing.

Well Testing Services

A custom–built package including equipment and crew for mobile well testing to cover all the production wells of a field or block. The generated accurate and timely well data serve client’s need of reservior monitoring, well management and production optimization.

Sigma offers a wide range of choke manifold configurations and sizes of different pressures and temperatures for all types of well test or clean-up operations to meet the client’s demands and well conditions.

Realize real time monitoring and real time display of the process of the well from initial flowing to flow on different choke sizes and provide primary data for reservoir evaluation during the exploration stage.

Productivity well tests are conducted to:

  • Identify produced fluids and determine their respective volume ratios
  • Measure reservoir pressure and temperature
  • Obtain samples suitable for pressure-volume-temperature (PVT) analysis
  • Determine well deliverability
  • Evaluate completion efficiency Characterize well damage
  • Evaluate work over or stimulation treatment.